The Antiviolence Center offers support to Italian and foreign women in difficulty and involved in situations of violence and family maltreatment.

It welcomes every form of discomfort of women who can find listening, attention, respect and support. With the awareness that only the activation of individual, family and social resources produces a real personal change, in addition to taking on complex stories and sometimes requiring immediate and strong answers, Randi favors paths of personal growth because the woman victim of violence or abuse can always be an active and conscious subject able to get out of situations of violence and abuse.

The Randi Antiviolence Center offers women:

  • Attention, listening, orientation
  • Individualized support throughout the path of exit from violence by an operator of the Center
  • Hospitality, if necessary, in a dedicated structure to a secret address where the woman can find serenity
  • Protection even in cases of emergency for the woman and her children
  • Advice and legal support offered by specialized lawyers
  • Psychological support to face fear and subjection to the partner and to regain possession of one’s life
  • It also offers counseling or psychotherapy paths to women, individually or in groups, who live or have experienced the experience of violence and/or emotional dependency
To activate the interventions mentioned above, the Antiviolence Center makes use of the contribution of different professionals – professional operators, psychologists, lawyers, counselors – who operate in an integrated manner in order to offer help to the different needs of the woman who has suffered violence.


The Randi Antiviolence Center is one of the services belonging to the 1522 National Network, a public utility number completely dedicated to women victims of violence and stalking. Established by the Equal Opportunities Department (Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers), it allows free calls from landline and mobile phones, is active 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. It offers a multilingual orientation service to public and private centers in the area where the woman lives, which can be contacted with the guarantee of absolute anonymity.


It operates within the public utility service 1522 and in synergy with local services (Social Services, Pink Code, law enforcement agencies) offering aid and reception to women victims of violence, physical and psychological abuse, rape, extra and intra-family sexual abuse, trafficking, enslavement, forced marriages.

It guarantees emergency reception, with availability 24 hours a day, to women with underage children, in a protected structure with a secret address.

It provides operators trained on the themes of violence to foreign women, offering support and mediation in English, Romanian, French, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish.

Activate support groups, self-help and expressive laboratories and offer possible school support to underage children welcomed with their mothers.


The Randi Association organizes awareness-raising events and specific training courses on the issue of gender-based violence aimed at professionals, psychologists, lawyers, educators, social workers, law enforcement, health and social workers.

It also promotes, with the use of diversified training methods, training courses aimed at different subjects and contexts such as school students and teachers, associations and voluntary organizations, third sector organizations.


The Randi Association activates the territorial network only if and when there is the agreement and the consent of the woman who asks for help, despite being aware of the usefulness and the need to activate other resources offered by the territory that can offer a charge and a truly effective support in often complex situations. The link between health services, law enforcement agencies, institutions and sector associations can give concrete answers and promote complementary and integrated actions for an effective system for taking care of women victims of violence.

As an anti-violence center, the Randi Association is part of the Regional Network against gender-based violence. He is a member of the VIS Territorial Network born in the Livorno area of ​​the project “VIS project network” (Victim Supporting Project: a NETWORK to support and aid crime victims) presented to the JUST/ 2011-2012/JPEN/AG call of the European commission; the VIS network is based in the Province and is made up of a plurality of public and private subjects, a network that brings together stakeholders in the treatment and support process for victims.

The Randi center is also a member of the REAMA Network, a national network of individuals who work in various capacities to fight violence, for Empowerment and Self Mortgage Help; REAMA was born from the commitment of Fondazione Pangea Onlus to put together the many realities that have collaborated in synergy over the years, to build a network for the prevention and contrast of violence against women and that assisted and suffered by underages.

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