Migration & Vulnerability

The Association offers competent support and alliance to those who live "uprooting" and hopes in a society where it is possible to feel perpetually "strangers".

Antiviolence Center &
Shelter Home

Attention, listening, orientation and support to Italian and foreign women in difficulty, involved in situations of violence and family maltreatment.

Anti-Trafficking Body

Since 2003 we have been the implementing body for the Livorno area identified by the "Territorial Network against exploitation, human trafficking, new slavery".

Accessibility, Privacy, Opportunities, Prevention, Support

The Randi Association is committed to combating all forms of violence against women and to promoting activities aimed at understanding the phenomenon and cultural change based on respect for gender and equal opportunities, raising awareness and preventing violence against women and children.
Randi supports the development of empowerment and self-determination processes, putting women’s dignity and awareness first.


The Randi Association was founded in 1992 in Livorno on the initiative of a group of women who felt the need to welcome and concretely help other women to get out of situations of social marginality, loneliness, violence and gender discrimination. Over the years, this work, carried out in synergy with local authorities, has allowed the emergence, reception and socio-work integration of women victims of violence, trafficking and enslavement, prostitution or exploitation.


Need information and maybe help? What can you do if you feel in real danger? If you run away with your kids and don’t know where to go, what can you do? Can’t find the courage to come but you need help? Can we help you by phone? Do you want to know how the Randi Association operates?

Here you will find the answers to all these questions or, if you still have doubts, you can directly ask our operators who will always be at your disposal.

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Active 24 hours a day, every day of the year and is accessible from the entire national territory for FREE, both from landline telephone and mobile, with a reception available in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

The Randi Association operates within the public utility service

The number was activated by the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and is connected to the network of anti-violence centers and other structures for combating gender violence in the area.

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The Randi Association organizes specific training courses on the topic of gender violence aimed at sector operators such as counselors, psychologists, lawyers, educators, social workers and professionals in the social and health field and law enforcement, with the aim of providing a constant theoretical update of personnel involved in combating violence and gender discrimination.

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