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The professional figures present are specialized and adequately trained on the issue of gender violence and share the welcoming methodology in respect of professional skills.

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The Randi Association is committed to combating all forms of violence against women and promoting activities aimed at understanding the phenomenon and cultural change based on respect for gender and equal opportunities, raising awareness and preventing violence against women and children and supporting the development of empowerment and self-determination processes, putting women’s dignity and awareness first.


The constant and specific training of the operators guarantees an ever increasing level of competence and management capacity. The Randi Association organizes specific training courses on the topic of gender violence aimed at sector operators such as counselors, psychologists, lawyers, educators, social assistants and professionals in the social and health field and law enforcement, with the aim of providing a constant theoretical update of the staff engaged in combating violence and gender discrimination, to develop and share increasingly effective operational procedures and with the common goal of consolidating and expanding the territorial network of help and support.

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