Reception, solidarity, training, integration and support. That's all.

The Randi Association was founded in 1992 in the Livorno area on the initiative of a group of women who felt the need to welcome and concretely help other women to get out of situations of social marginality, loneliness, violence and gender discrimination. In the beginning she started her business with immigrants in the Livorno area, women, especially in those years, disoriented and unaware of their rights and the possibility of being protected.

Over the years this work, carried out in synergy with local authorities, has allowed the emergence, reception and social-working integration of women victims of gender violence, trafficking and enslavement, forced prostitution, serious exploitation working, forced begging.
The association runs an Antiviolence Center and a Shelter House.


Migration and Vulnerability

The Association offers competent support and alliance to those who live "uprooting" and hopes in a society where it is possible to feel perpetually "strangers".

Antiviolence Center
& Shelter House

Attention, listening, orientation and support to Italian and foreign women in difficulty, involved in situations of violence and family maltreatment.

Anti-Trafficking Body

Since 2003 we have been the implementing body for the Livorno area identified by the "Territorial Network against exploitation, human trafficking, new slavery".

Methodological Principles

Randi supports the development of empowerment and self-determination processes, putting women's dignity and awareness first.

The Randi Association is committed to combating all forms of violence against women and to promoting activities aimed at understanding the phenomenon and cultural change based on respect for gender and equal opportunities, raising awareness and preventing violence against women and children.

Return of dignity and self-awareness to the abused woman and victim of violence

Activation of reception and acceptance only if requested by the woman and no action is activated without her consent.

Respect for the choices, autonomy and self-determination of women: the Randi Association guarantees maximum and complete information on the management of the service to be used and on everything concerning developments and parameters governing the path at the Center.

Constant research, together with the woman, of what is best for her

Exclusive presence and specific, obligatory and continuous training of female operators

Networking with the territory: the Center operates in an integrated manner with the Social Services and also connects with the other services present in the area to define and implement the custom project necessary for the escape from violence.

Guarantee of privacy for all women contacting the Center: the Association's operators are trained to operate in compliance with the confidentiality of the information they learn about

Free and continuous delivery of services with H24 availability

Accessibility and transparency of the service

Effectiveness and efficiency: compliance of the services provided with the parameters established at regional and national level

Equality and impartiality: no discrimination is made in the provision of benefits for reasons concerning ethnicity, religion, political opinions, psycho-physical or socio-economic conditions and sexual orientation.

The Center guarantees women support even when the path to take is not clear: this in accordance with the individual time necessary to decide a real escape from the situation of violence.

The Team

Our professional figures are specialized and adequately trained on the issue of gender violence and share the welcoming methodology in respect of professional skills.

Alessandra Fierli
President and healthcare expert
Maria Teresa "Resi" Vitali
Project Coordinator, Professional Counselor, Immigration Expert and Group Management
Silvia Corsini
Clinical and Community Psychologist, enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Tuscany, specialized in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy
Annalisa Londi
Psychologist enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Tuscany, specialized in Expressive Psychotherapy integrated with Art Therapy
Serena Perillo
Clinical and Health Psychologist enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Tuscany
Maria Grazia Ajola
Founding member, reception operator
Silvia Casagrande
DITALS certified operator with advanced competence for teaching Italian to foreigners
Maria Di Cecca
Founding member, reception operator
Linda Lombardo
Operator with Master in cultural mediation, currently enrolled in the master's degree course in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology
Nicoletta Mattei
Street Unit Operator
Angela Gueli
Civil lawyer specialized in family law and underage
Patrizia Susini
Criminal lawyer specialized in family law and underage, with twenty years of experience in the field of immigration
Malika Benjedi
Arabic-speaking VIDA operator
Mariana Cretu
Romanian-speaking VIDA operator
Moira Peck
English-speaking VIDA operator
Svetlana Shapoval
Ukrainian/Russian-speaking VIDA operator
Danila Tchenghe Tchieudjouo
French-speaking VIDA operator
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