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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is important that he does not have the feeling of having a free field. Warn him that you have already informed the Anti-Violence Center and that his behavior can be denounced as stalking or persecutory acts. If threats, stalking or other dangerous behaviours, you can contact the Carabinieri or the police station and file a complaint or request the warning of your ex. Call us if you need to understand better and to allow us to help you.

No, the Anti-Violence Center exists only to help you, and it does so for free and guarantees privacy, legal consultancy or, if you request it, psychological support. At the Center you will find specialized staff who will listen to you and will try to find a solution to your problems with you.

No, we are interested in you being able to clarify your ideas and decide what to do to get out of the difficult situation in which you live; but from the moment you contact us we would like you not to feel alone anymore.
Of course the report is an important test and it is always suggested: even when there are no visible signs it is good to go to the ER and explain in detail what happened.
Make sure you don’t stay alone with him and still keep your cell phone with you. Remember that you can call 112 and 113 even if you do not have credit on the phone.

No. Because you have acted in a situation of violence and / or risk even for children, but you must immediately notify the Police or the Carabinieri.

He is a very well-known and important person. I am afraid that if I turn to you, it may come to know. Is there this risk?

It’s not true. Indeed, in certain situations it is possible to have a special residence permit to protect women in the situation like yours.

Sure, even if we could not do everything by ourselves: for this reason we work in a network with the services and local institutions to find the right solution and offer protection to you and your children. We can, if necessary, accompany you to make a complaint or have you referred to the emergency room.

Yes, you can call whenever you want and possibly make other telephone appointments that can be useful to some extent to understand steps, times and actions to be taken to get out of the situation in which you are.

No, he tells you these things because he doesn’t want you to do something against him. For this reason he wants to scare you.

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