In cases where situations of violence or serious exploitation are ascertained and concrete dangers emerge due to the safety of those who try to avoid exploitation immediately, a unique program of social emergence, assistance and social integration is activated which guarantees adequate conditions of transit, accommodation, food, health care and subsequently, the continuation of assistance and social integration.
This on the basis of Article 18 of Legislative Decree 286/98 T.U. Immigration, of article 13 of Law 228/2003, and of the National Anti-trafficking Plan adopted by the Council of Ministers on 02/26/2016.

The Randi association, an accredited body insofar as it is registered in the II section of the special Register of Entities and Associations that carry out activities in favor of immigrants (art. 52 DPR N 394/99) established at the Ministry of Labor, has been operating since 2003 and is the implementing body for the Livorno area. identified by the “Territorial Network against exploitation, human trafficking, the new slavery”.

Through DPO calls and projects from 2003 to 2012 provincial, and subsequently regional, it has been possible to emerge, welcome, assistance, social protection and the social work placement of women victims of slavery, prostitution forced, severe labor exploitation, gender-based violence, forced begging.


Active for 25 years, a reference for many foreign women who continue to find the opportunity to address those who can accept their requests and requests for help, it is also often a place for hooking, meeting and emerging victims of crimes of enslavement and trafficking.

It therefore represents a real territorial “filter” with the task of incorporating a request for help, constructing the hypothesis of a possible path to escape violence and the condition of serious exploitation and current danger, verifying and reinforcing the motivations.

From a first meeting, or , when possible, from a listening and telephone consultation, orientation and support talks are activated with respect to possible paths of social protection.

Overcoming the critical points regarding the protection path is possible only by putting in place also the synergies with the network present on the territory and made up of several municipalities in the province, by the Police Headquarters, by the Health and Social Service, by private social bodies, to optimize the offer of services and develop longer-term planning.


The Livorno section of the Territorial Commission for the Recognition of International Protection requires in some cases the collaboration of the Randi as a territorial anti-trafficking agency to favor the identification of the victims and the emergence of the various forms of exploitation that make some applicants for international protection particularly vulnerable.

The Randi Association tries to intervene with care and delicacy, aware that often the person with whom it conducts the interview has suffered strong psychological and / or physical traumas; then elaborates a special report (referral) useful to the Commission to understand if the person requesting asylum can be identified as a victim of trafficking and transmit the documents to the Questore for the issue of a residence permit pursuant to art. 18D.Lgs. 286/98.

The Randi Association also offers a consultancy service to the operators of institutions that work with immigrants and asylum seekers, both on individual cases and on the skills to be acquired in the area of ​​trafficking (indicators, identification of suspected cases, knowledge of the phenomenon, any reports, etc.).


Through the aforementioned program, the Randi Association allows women, already included in a first aid course, to avoid violence and the condition of serious exploitation and danger, through the possibility of welcoming and a personalized path.

Hospitality takes place in a secret structure and aims to help women choose whether to build a future life project in our country or country of origin, by offering meaningful relationships, educational support and training and work opportunities. The accompaniment is individual through interviews of self-knowledge and of one’s own life and provides, among other things, the verification of health conditions and the guarantee of activation, if necessary, of health resources and also psychological help.

Accompaniment is also guaranteed for obtaining documents, both through the judicial and the social path, the possibility of learning the Italian language through literacy courses or one-to-one individual lessons.

Career guidance and professional training are also taken care of through the activation of competent services, and preparation for the acquisition of ever greater social autonomy and knowledge of the territory.

Within this whole process, the care of the helping relationship is fundamental, understood as the promotion of the growth of the person, support for the development of the self, the understanding of one’s own motivations and one’s own autonomy and self-determination.


It is a contact and support service for people who prostitute themselves. A team of social workers meets people in places of prostitution and carries out harm reduction and protection of victims’ health and citizenship.

With the exits of the Street Unit the Randi Association tries to create relationships with the women it contacts to be an element of connection and coordination with the territory: building trusting relationships will allow easy access to health and advisory services, social services, law enforcement, listening desks offering legal protection and psychological support.

The goal is to be a point of reference for the people contacted and to be able to work with them on a personalized path able to respond both to the needs of the territory detected and reported by the territorial network, and to the specific requests made by each individual person prostitutes in the municipalities of Livorno and Collesalvetti.

Territorial Coordinator


Prefecture of Livorno
Livorno Police Headquarters
Carabinieri of Livorno
Finance Guard of Livorno

Health Organizations

Local Health Authority 6 of Livorno,
SdS of the Val di Cornia

Local Public and Private Entitites

Provincial Labor Directorate of Livorno
CARITAS of Livorno
CESDI Livorno
School Office of the Province of Livorno
Unions provincial CGIL – CISL – UIL
Community coordination of foreigners in Livorno
Randi Association

Territorial Coordinators

Provincial Equality Councilor
Municipality of Livorno
Municipality of Bibbona
Municipality of Cecina
Municipality of Piombino
Municipality of Collesalvetti
Municipality of Portoferraio
Municipality of Rio nell ‘Elba
Municipality of Rio Marina
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Municipality of Marciana

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